Meet Your Plane Amazing Coaches

Introducing your 2020 Dulles Day Plane Pull Coaches!

Stay tuned for announcement with your 2020 Dulles Day Plane Pull Coaches!
These Special Olympics athletes are just some of the athlete coaches that will be at the Dulles Day Plane Pull supporting each of the Plane Pull teams! Get to know about your athlete coaches below and make sure to say hi before your pull!
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Get to know a Plane Pull coach before the event! Our coaches love to share about their experiences with Special Olympics. If interested in having them come out to meet and pump up your Plane Pull team, email [email protected].

Meet Coach Alex Burns

Alex is Plane Amazing because not only is he an incredible athlete but he's also a strong advocate for people with intellectual disabilities. 

As a Global Messenger, Alex has delivered powerful speeches at countless events around the state. Most recently, Alex received a standing ovation for his speech in front of 3,000 people at the annual Summer Games in Richmond. 

He's a great teammate for people with intellectual disabilities both on and off the court!

Meet Coach Daniel Morales

Daniel is Plane Amazing because he is an athletic chameleon, amassing more medals than he can count!

As a jack of all trades, Daniel sets goals that result in success. Most recently, he has mastered the sports of basketball and track and field.

Socially, Daniel is the life of the party. His positive energy is undeniable and an asset to any team that he is on! 

Meet Coach Joey Wheeler

Joey Wheeler is Plane Amazing because in addition to being a great athlete, he also holds a full-time job!

Balancing both work and sports, Joey is an appreciated employee at an assisted living facility and an entrepreneur, running his own pet services business.

A kind and dedicated individual, Joey is infectious when it comes to spreading joy. There is no doubt that he is sure to bring a smile to any team that he is on! 

Meet Coach Rose Pleskow

Rose Pleskow is Plane Amazing because she's traveled the world to compete with Special Olympics!

That's right, Rose took her talents to Greece for the 2011 Special Olympics World Game earning a bronze medal in track. In addition to track, Rose competes year-round in a number of sports ranging from swimming to sailing. 

She also works part-time and is currently enrolled at Northern Virginia Community College. 

Meet Coach Billy Duquette

Billy Duquette is Plane Amazing because he once bowled a 299.

If you meet Billy on the street, you might not know he has a disability. Billy however, wants you to know he has a disability, to help others understand the challenges he and fellow athletes face. Although, he admits that he likes to surprise people with just how good of a bowler he can be.

Back in June, it was announced that Billy Duquette was the 2018 Special Olympics Virginia Athlete of the Year.